The Shoes

Life of computer engineer is filed of equal amount of  bliss and grief. As I stepped into college, like any first year
of other departments, I spent my days finding friends. My concentration was focused on how to act as someone who is out of school. The more I tried inculcating this attitude, the more I failed. Subjects like PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY,
ENGLISH, and MATHEMATICS did give me a hope that I can survive 4 years of under-graduation.
But ENGINEERING GRAPHICS and ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND CIRCUITS were nightmares of their own making. Once the brains used to concentrate on projections of various solids, as time passed on it was filled with
Kirchhoff’s Laws. After about three weeks, I settled down as a college student: handling problem as a professional,
finding out rules of the college one by one upon breaking those LABSESSION were slow poisons, RECORD
corrections were equal to TRIUMPH. Discussing results amongst friends and brooding upon grades happened for
the one last time.  Now  SECOND YEAR( now I m pursuing 2nd year) started with the ecstasy of entering the
department. Little did I realize that this joy was short lived. My WAYNE THOMASI was the main VILLAIN of my
picture. DATA STRUCTURES joined OOPS to give solace. ENVIRONMENT ENGINEERING was the “SUPER
MAN” who saved me from the clutches of ELECTRON Into The Shoes Of A Computer Engineer
ICS PAPER (DEMONS). God didn’t stop His plays even after this!! He produced subjects like MICROPROCESSOR AND MICROCONTROLLERS to share our minds.
This subject gave me and my class mates the least hope that we will complete our 4th semester without ARREARS.
against us. OPERATIONS SYSTEMS one side was filled with tonic ire., problems and direct questions.         DBMS on
the other hand gave us a feel of walking on a sword. COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE wounded us with its WHIP’
To add to our worries from this year INTERNALS are into
ANNA UNIVERSITY’S HANDS!! Why, why only for
us??? My experience will continue for some more months.
So I salute my SENIORS who have already crossed these
hurdles. HENRY VAN DYKE correctly said
TIME IS TOO LONG FOR THOSE WHO GRIEVE ,And TIME IS TOO SHORT FOR THOSE WHO REJOICE.” Now, can somebody HELP ME find which category I fall into....       

By: Mohammed sohel
Second year(comp. sci & engg