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Ms. Divyani V. Khapeker, Software Developer, Indore, interacting with student of 3 rd & final year (Year of Passing:2019)

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Career in database technology, Concept and knowledge on basic programming, Creating your resume, About, Working culture in USA and Discuss GRE , TOEFEL

Highlighted on Python as a Career Option

Companies today, both in India and the US, are on the constant lookout for the qualified and skilled workforce to meet the changing technology needs of customers. Python, SQL, Java, JavaScript, .NET, C, C#, AngularJS, C++, PHP, ReactJS, Android, iOS, Ruby, NodeJS, Go, and Perl are some of the hot skills that will rock 2018 and beyond.

Knowing more than two high-level programming languages, including Python is always good. It gives them a competitive advantage over others.Expert talk on “SCOPE OF PHYTON IN INDUSTRY” by Alumnus Aziz Shiekh


Induction Program

CSI Body Installation Program

Seminar AESDC 2018

SQL and PLSQL workshop

KRANS and EDC cell 2018-19

Webinar on “Pariksha Pe Charcha”

GATE Seminar

Webinar on “Top five Emerging Cyber Security Challenges”

Two Days Workshop on “ AI & Machine Learning”

Tree Plantation

Teacher’s Day Celebration

Patriotic Song competition