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The Department of Science & Humanities has been established in the year 1999 with an intake of 180 students and now its has 390 students which is headed by Prof. Azafar Ahsan.

The department of Science and Humanities involves teaching Applied Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Economics and Communication Skills connected with all the programs offered by all other departments. 
In our Department the ethos of science and technology prevails, as it is believed that Engineering and Science are, by their very nature, humanistic and socially derived enterprises. The Department has 17 dedicated faculty members.

Department of Science and Humanities has access to all streams of students irrespective of their branches. It helps them mould the right attitude towards Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Humanities. 
Mathematics, the queen of sciences is the basis for all branches of Science, Engineering and Technology. Any complex ideas can be logically expressed by equations and formulae. Mathematics itself is a language through which difficult problems can be addressed.
The study of Physics uncovers the mysteries of nature through the knowledge of properties of matter. In the Physics laboratory adequate equipment and instruments are available for performing all types of experiments involving light and other forms of energy.
The study of Chemistry is crucial in all manufacturing processes where the transformation of one form of material into another. Equally important is the study of Environmental Chemistry and Engineering, to save the globe from pollutions.
The department provides assistance in technical projects. The department provides a language lab for the students to enrich their communication competence. It also aims to maintain good linguistic proficiency through accuracy in grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. The well equipped language lab fosters competency in placement

It has become obvious therefore, the seamless merger and integration of science and engineering will yield new inter disciplinary subjects. Research work could be introduced even at the under graduate levels to build a new generation of professionals and researchers.
The faculty of science & humanities Department are sincerely dedicated to achieve better results.



To be a center of excellence for developing quality technocrats with moral and social ethics, to face the global challenges for the sustainable development of society.



To create conducive academic culture for learning and identifying career goals.

To provide quality technical education, research opportunities and imbibe entrepreneurship skills contributing to the socio-economic growth of the Nation.

To inculcate values and skills, that will empower our students towards development through technology.

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