Dr. Akash M. Langde - Dean R & D

The world today is a much better place to develop one's potential. One is not limited by choice or
technology, but only by the power of one's imagination.
R&D activities are encouraged at both departmental as well as institute level. Research centers
equipped with required infrastructure and other facilities have been established in all departments
for achieving the goals. This R&D center with inputs from industry helps to develop the vision of
With continual and visionary support from the college management and efforts of the faculty and
the students, the R&D culture is really picking up day by day in the institute.  
To enrich the learning process among the faculties and students, we host seminars and workshops
of well-known personalities from academia and industries...
I, as the Dean of Research and Development Cell, invite all the students joining the Institute at
Graduate, Post Graduate and Doctorate level to make use of the facilities and resources offered by
the Institute to nurture their talent and contribute their ideas for the growth of R& D Culture.