Prof. Mohammad Nasiruddin - Dean, Student Activity

Welcome to Student Life at Anjuman College of Engineering and Technology. It is
our goal to provide a nurturing environment where students may develop
emotionally, socially, and spiritually as they grow intellectually.
Student life is responsible for those activities that take place outside of the
classroom. We engage students and cultivate opportunities for academic and
personal achievement through service, education, advocacy, and community
I feel privileged to serve as your Dean of Students and focus my leadership on
creating a healthy, safe and inclusive campus where you can maximize your
personal potential while pursuing your educational dreams. I encourage you take
advantage of the programs, workshops, and services that are provided for you.
Stand up for what you believe in, consider and learn from the diverse perspectives
of others, and redirect or report uncivil and other inappropriate behavior.   
If you have any issues or concern regarding your rights as a student or grievances
regarding your experience, please e-mail me or Dean Student Office at



Prof. Mohammad Nasiruddin

Dean, Student Activity